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Stucco is one of the most beautiful, durable, and popular siding options on the market… When it’s done right! At Ventura Quality Services LLC, we restore stucco beautifully, expertly, guaranteed!

From repairs to restoration to stucco inspection services, our goal is to help you love your home. We use the best materials, professionally installed, to help you fall in love with your home all over again.

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Applying stucco: step by step

Step 1 - Types of stucco

Among the different types of stucco that exist, they are classified depending on the technique used, the materials or how they are applied. Here are the best known ones:

Step 2 - Prepare the area

As in each of the reforms that we do our first tip from Ventura Quality Services LLC and the most important is the conditioning of the wall that we are going to treat.

And although all the steps are essential, cleaning and removing impurities and irregularities that we find on the wall, is crucial to achieve a good adhesion of the stucco.

Step 3 - Step by step, perfecting the technique

  1. To begin with, we need to apply a coat of primer to prevent imperfections from appearing on the surface. Let it dry for about 12 hours. (If you think it is necessary to apply a second coat of primer).
  2. The next step is to sand the entire wall smoothly with a fine grit sandpaper.
  3. If there are imperfections, cracks… this is the moment to repair them!
  4. When you have your stucco mixture and the chosen color, begin to spread the mass leaving a very thin layer.
  5. When you have finished and this layer is still wet, start with the second one, but this time make movements from top to bottom and also diagonally.
  6. With the help of the spatula apply stains on the surface. To get the desired effect you must mix the dye you used in the first two layers, and now rub with the spatula to get that marble effect.

Step 4 - Advantages of this material

Color Palettes